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Minimal Wait Policy

Patients will be seen promptly, usually within one to two weeks for normal appointments. We also cater for urgent appointments.

Direct Admission

Patients with a clear diagnosis and who do not require resuscitation or other urgent tests can be admitted directly to a hospital bed. This obviates the need to go through Emergency Department, saving time and money.

Public & Private

With public and private consulting and operating sessions, both insured and uninsured patients can be looked after.
Dr. Marwan consults publicly at Chandler House (The Angliss Hospital) with regular public operating lists at The Angliss Hospital.
Private rooms' consulting sessions offer appointments at the Knox Private Suites, and Sunshine Coast Private Hospital consulting suites.
​Dr Marwan runs regular private operating lists at Knox Private Hospital, Mulgrave Private Hospital and Sunshine Coast Private Hospital.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Laparoscopic and Robotic procedures are offered whenever feasible with focus on enhanced recovery protocols.

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